Check whether the Given Number is Armstrong/Strange or Not in VB

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        This is a VB.Net program which check whether the user typed number is Armstrong number or not with function.

Check and Generate Prime Numbers in Visual Basic

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        This article contains two VB program. One contains the login of prime number and second one generate the prime numbers between 1 to 100.

Check Whether Given String is Palindrome or Not in VB

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        This Visual Basic program tutorial describes how to check whether a given string is palindrome or not.

VB: Square and Square Root of Given Number Using Radio Button

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        This visual basic program shows how to find square and square root of a given number using two radio buttons

Program to Implement Multiple Inheritance in C++

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       This is a simple C++ program to implement Multiple Inheritance with sample example and output

Program to Find Factorial of a Number Using Stack

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        This is a data structure program to find out the Factorial of a given number using stack operation

C  C++ Program to convert and display an amount to different currency notes

This C program will accept an amount, and will convert and display that amount as currency notes...

For example:
If amount is: 123
We can write amount 123 as :